Principal Organizers are Irene Gustafson and Irene Lusztig in conjunction with The Center for Documentary Arts and Research (CDAR) and the Institute of the Arts and Sciences at UCSC.

This year’s symposium is made possible by funding from Porter College, the UCSC Arts Research Institute, the UCSC Institute of  the Arts and Sciences, and the UCSC Center for Documentary Arts and Research (CDAR) with additional support from the Film and Digital Media Department.

IRENE GUSTAFSON is a documentary filmmaker and writer. She works as Associate Professor at the Department of Film and Digital Media, UCSC. Her films and videos have screened nationally and internationally and her writing has appeared in Camera Obscura, The Journal of Visual Culture, The Moving Image, Cinema Journal Dossier and Spectator.  Her work, both audiovisual and written, explores a discrete set of interests: essayistic modes of production; non-fiction media production, history and theory; and questions of identity, visual style, gender and sexuality.

IRENE LUSZTIG is a filmmaker, visual artist, and archival researcher. Her film and video work mines old images and technologies for new meanings in order to reframe, recuperate, and reanimate forgotten and neglected histories.  Often beginning with rigorous research in archives, her work brings historical materials into conversation with the present day. Much of her work is centered on public feminism, language, and histories of women and women’s bodies, including her debut feature Reconstruction (2001), the feature length archival film essay The Motherhood Archives (2013), the ongoing web-based Worry Box Project (2011), and her newest performative documentary feature Yours in Sisterhood (2018). She teaches filmmaking at UC Santa Cruz where she is Associate Professor of Film and Digital Media.