This page includes audio documentation of a majority of the presentations at Poetics + Politics 4.  Some audio has been edited for clarity and/or brevity. For more information on each presentation, consult the program’s schedule.

bird's eye view photo of symposium

Symposium Welcome with Irene Gustafson + Irene Lusztig

Framing Story 

Presented by  Alexandra Juhasz + Alisa Lebow

Presented by Rick Prelinger

Presented by Sindhu Thirumalaisamy

Framing Story Discussion

Keynote: Possibility Made Real with Lana Lin

Possibility Made Real Discussion

Landscapes (Laura Kissel, moderator)

Presented by Raed Rafei

Presented by Cecilia Aldarondo + Sarah Friedland

Presented by Sasha Wortzel

Landscapes Discussion

Polyvocality (Fabiola Hanna, moderator)

Presented by Iphigénie Marcoux-Fortier + Amy Magowan Greene + Meky Ottawa

Presented by Jeanne C. Finley

Presented by Rabia Williams

Polyvocality Discussion

Animal (Isabelle Carbonell, moderator)

Presented by Benjamín Schultz-Figueroa

Presented by Jason Coyle + Laska Jimsen

Presented by Michael Gitlin

Animal Discussion

Swarm Season Screening + Discussion with Sarah Christman (Irene Lusztig, Moderator)


Keynote: The New Territories of Filming and Being Filmed in the 21st Century  with Kirsten Johnson


Embodied Stories (Kristy Guevara-Flanagan, moderator)

Presented by Margaret Laurena Kemp + Julie Forrest Wyman

Presented by Cecilia Vara

Presented by Lizzie Thynne

Embodied Stories Discussion

Time Travel Screening Program Introduction and Discussion: work from D’Angelo Madsen Minax, Mitch McCabe, + Traci Hercher (Helen Hood Scheer, moderator) 


Surveillance (Rick Prelinger, moderator)

Presented by Sharon Daniel

Presented by Aphid Stern

Presented by Martin Lucas

Surveillance Discussion

Evidence (Irene Gustafson, moderator)

Presented by Tirtza Even + Meg McLagan

Presented by Srđan Keča

Presented by Alex Johnston

Evidence Discussion